Monday, October 02, 2006


I've always maintained that a blog is an ongoing dialogue between the blogger and his readers. Good manners dictate that the blogger should respond as best as he can to comments and links from different folks.

Unfortunately, I've been a little remiss in that duty these past few days.

Part of the reason is that I've been very busy, as I've already mentioned in a previous post. Between my social activities and my classes, there's been very little time to blog. Milenyo bringing down my sister's broadband connection hasn't helped matters any.

I feel a little bad in not responding because there are folks who have been generous with their compliments and their feedback. Among these:Rina, Chaz, Tobey, Claire, Wakizaki, Wyze, and Gibbs Cadiz.

Some folks apparently liked my Storms essay a lot. Thanks to Madame Chiang and Basang Panaginip for the linkbacks. That's the ultimate compliment.

The myth-making essay is still up in the air. I have the outline of what I want to say, but haven't had the time to write it up yet.

Ditto for the transcultural English literature, though that one needs a bit more work.

And then there was Blogcon that I never got to blog about. Thanks, anyway to Mrs. Dado and Teng for the links. It was great meeting you, guys.

Finally, Blogger's comment email function doesn't seem to be working properly. I rely on it to let me know who's left word on my blog. But it's been flaky for a long while. That's why I never got to see who commented. Sorry, folks, I didn't mean to ignore you. Email me directly (dominique.cimafranca @ if you want a response.

I hope to catch up with my backlog soon. In the meantime, thanks for reading!


  1. Well at least you post. I have no trouble leaving comments here and there, but have trouble posting on my own blog!

  2. To me it really doesn't matter if you reply to my comments. Just as long as you keep posting. You intrigue me. I'll keep reading (and posibly commenting depending on my lazyness) if you keep posting.

  3. same as migs .. i have problem posting on my own blog. hehe.

    i'm one of your avid readers. i enjoy it and i love to read about linux or anything about FOSS.

  4. Fugedabutit... it's all good. I've been a bit of a writing rut lately as well.. :)

  5. I implemented a feature on my blog the other day -- it's supposed to display the most recent comments posted, as well as the entries to which they're attached. I found that it's come in handy on many occasions (okay, just one) when Blogger's automated e-mail got delayed; You could set one up for your site.