Sunday, September 10, 2006

Goodbye for now, Dumaguete

Yesterday I bade goodbye to Dumaguete. I'm feeling a little sad because it will be a while before I see her again. Thankfully, it's not a permanent departure but it is long enough to give me pause.

It's six weeks away from home that I'm looking at.

What's so important that I have to away for that length of time? PhilNITS is offering a class on Software Design and Development and I've signed up for it. Amazingly, it's free, one of the many benefits provided by Japanese funding.

Do I still need to go through a class like this, given my experience? Actually, yes. By training I'm an electronics and communications engineer, not a software developer. What I do know about software development has been learned on the job, and like many people I know, I've been "winging it."

Which has been fine, so far. Most of the things I've been working on have tended to be on the hardware and system administration side. If I have done any software, it's mostly been customization.

Now I'm looking at software design and development. That's the direction I want to take Dumaguete in. This couldn't have come at a better time.

And, hey, never too old to learn.

See you, soon, old girl.


  1. It is never an easy thing to say goodbye, but those six weeks will go by quickly. I haven't been back in 1.5 years, though Dumaguete is not my home...just a special place I will never forget.

    Six weeks lang. You can handle that. Have fun with your class!

  2. Thanks, Corey. I also have to make the most of my stay here in Manila.

  3. ooohh, guess who's going to be homesick this time... HEHE.

  4. Learn as much as you can and teach as much as you can. Dumaguete's lucky to have you!

  5. Uso siguro ang travel these days. I, myself, am going to Baguio tomorrow. Then again, 4 days is nothing compared to 6 weeks. As long as you have your precious books to keep you company... ^___________^

  6. Six weeks! Now, when was the last time I was home... :(