Friday, September 08, 2006

Disturbing news

Grisly news from the Philippine Daily Inquirer:
Delia Gutierrez, 51, the president and chief executive of Media G8way Corp., which publishes the country's leading IT magazines, was found lying in a pool of blood at the company's offices in the Makati financial district late Wednesday, police said.

I never knew Mrs. Gutierrez very well. We've met briefly once or twice, and that's about it. Still, the news comes as a bit of the shock. The Philippine IT industry is a very small community, so something like this -- especially something like this -- sends a shock.

I find two portions of the news puzzling:
Gutierrez had been stabbed five times in the chest; her throat had also been slashed, homicide chief senior inspector Gary Reyes told reporters.

And yet:
"...thinks the stab wounds were self-inflicted, but we do not discount the possibility of foul play."

As in: huh?

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  1. Maybe it is how the press reported the incident. But, I cannot see someone stab herself in the chest to commit suicide. There are probably other methods to kill oneself, but stabbing yourself??? Even the ritualist Japanese hari-kari do this through the stomach, a softer part of the body and where it is anatomically easier to do.

    There are so many stories floating around, none of them completely true or completely false. The stories simply do not add up.

    But, there is one certainty, we lost an IT pioneer, who lived the world in which we revolve within.

    Ms. Delia will certainly be missed.