Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blog Anniversary

It's the second anniversary of this blog.

Two years ago, I wrote:
I haven't really shown the drive to maintain blogs, with the possible exception of my weekly column on Rational Technology, published in Dumaguete and on my own web site. Well, there's also the moblog at TextAmerica but that's a slightly different story.

Some 720 posts later, I think I can say that I've disproven any doubt of my ability to run a blog. That's been roughly one post a day, which isn't such a bad record.

According to Sitemeter, I get anywhere from 80 to 150 unique hits per day. Technorati says that 78 blogs link to me, placing me at the breathtaking rank of 34,318th most popular blog on the Net. Not bad at all, in my estimation, considering that I don't ask for links or engage in self-promotion.

Thanks to all who visit this site regularly and to those who've linked to me gratuitously. Do let me know if I haven't reciprocated.

But it's not so much about the statistics as it is about friendship. This blog was written initially with a special someone in mind, but it's grown to include real-world friends who blog, and lurkers and bloggers who've since become real-world friends. Thanks, friends.

(The relationship with that special someone has hit a rough spot, as I've hinted elsewhere in this blog. It's the unfortunate result of distance, pride, philosophical differences, and a bit of hurt. I have no doubt we'll be friends again, owing to inherent nature of our characters, but those wounds will take time to heal.)

As much as it's been about keeping touch with friends, it's also been about expression. My early blog entries were a mishmash of technology, art, commentary, and personal events, many of largely juvenile quality. I'd like to think that over the past year I've taken a leap in the maturity of my thoughts and my posts. I've found that the questions I'm tackling more and more are the ones about personal, cultural, and national identity.

And let's not forget Dumaguete of whom I write about much.

Finally, this blog has been a faithful companion through some highlights over the past year: my Dad's operation, solo biking, the writers workshop, and my first (and I hope, last) breakup. In a way, this blog has also been a prompt for not a few of my adventures (and misadventures) as I sometimes wonder, "what am I going to write about today?" With this blog, I can recapture those memories at a glance.

Someday, when I'm old and wrinkly, I'm going to have something to point out to my grandkids. I'm going to say smugly: "Yup, that's me. That's how I was before."

I'm glad I blog.