Thursday, August 24, 2006


Not that I have much right to say anything about any of the cases because I've kept mostly to the sidelines recently but: there seems to have been more vehement reaction to former SC Justice Isagani Cruz's opinions on gay people than on the latest impeachment bid, on missing leftist leaders, or even on the nursing board exam scandal.

I wonder why that is.

Could it simply be that all the indignation that would have gone into the impeachment complaint had already spent itself, and that there is no more passion in the fight? In which case, perhaps Justice Cruz could simply take a page from Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's playbook, mumble some insincere apology, and stick to his guns. Then this furor too will fade away even as he holds fast to his old opinions.

Could it be that leftist students belong to a lower class of society and therefore are not worthy of the same attention as gays and lesbians? Could it be that no one really put much stock in the Professional Regulatory Commission in the first place? It's just nurses, after all, and they're all heading out of the country anyway.

Or perhaps there's really no identification with national issues anymore, and young urban Filipinos as a whole feel much more comfortable in the roles defined by global culture. Hopelessness, resulting in identity transference?

Whatever it is, it's not a very hopeful scenario. I'm sure that this time around, the timing was purely coincidental. In the future, though, all Arroyo's spinmeisters need to do is spring a controversial non-issue the next time another scandal hits. Shades of "Wag the Dog."

Then again, they wouldn't even need to. In this country, there's something new to raise our hackles at every corner, but not enough will to see them through the resolution.