Sunday, August 20, 2006

On a quiet Sunday afternoon

Ever since I moved to Dumaguete, I've practically given up rest and relaxation on Sundays. That's the price I pay for being the Sunday shift cashier at the pharmacy; not that it's an unfair trade, because the rest of the week I'm generally free. But there's something about Sundays that makes me want to kick back and relax. But there are those rare Sundays when my parents are around and I can make my escape. This Sunday was one of those.

All I had planned was a quiet read under the acacia trees of Silliman, and that I did for an hour in the early afternoon. Then Jong called me up to ask if I wanted to go biking to San Antonio. Would I ever!

San Antonio is a town and farming community up in the hills of Sibulan, outside of my usual route. Leading this short tour was Glen Fernandez. We four -- Glen, Danah, Jong, and I -- met at Motong, then headed up west.

The route proved to be a moderate challenge. We had a false start as Glen's usual path at Camanjac turned out to be flooded. We eventually took a detour through a river over which spanned a makeshift bamboo bridge to replace the broken one.

It was an hour and a half going up to San Antonio. Up on top, we hit a roadside sari-sari store, where bought a liter of Pepsi and some banana-cue. This is one of the pleasures of travelling through rural Philippines. Townspeople are generally friendly and eager to talk, and yes, you can get a quick snack, too.

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