Thursday, July 27, 2006

Silliman congratulates Ian

Now, this is something that no other winner of the recently concluded 1st Neil Gaiman Awards is likely to have gotten. Ian, being a resident of Dumaguete and a faculty member Silliman's Department of English Studies, will probably be the only one to have his own streamer of congratulations.

This is one way Dumaguete schools recognize their achievers. Okay, it sounds a little corny, but it's actually quite touching: it shows you how proud the school and the community is about the achievement of its members. You don't get that kind of caring anywhere else.

Congratulations again, Ian!


  1. THANKS, dom! :) still sad about metropost though :(

  2. Most welcome, Ian.

    I share your sadness. First, the bookstore. Then, the paper. Sigh. Ah, well, we soldier on.

  3. hey cool! they still do this diay. They would usually do this for many outstanding achievements by sillimanians in the past. Glad to see that they still keep this as a tradition.

  4. Chaz, when you guys come back, pahimo pud ko ug streamer. Mwa ha ha.