Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gizmo offers free VoIIP to landline calls

Roughly a year since its introduction, Gizmo Project, an SIP-based competitor to Skype, is offering free VoIP-to-landline calls across 60 countries. The catch: the plan applies when both call participants are registered and active Gizmo Project users.

Further details on the fine print from an story:

"Even though you can all over Europe, Asia, and the Americas (to 60 countries and counting), if you want your pals to call you on Gizmo from their landlines, you're going to have to buy a Call In number. (Fret not though, since those cost as little as $3 a month.) Also, in order to call them up they need to have a number registered to an active Gizmo account, which increases the barrier to entry by a bit."

Still, it makes you wonder about the business model that they have in mind.

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  1. Aw, heck. The Philippines isn't even included in their list of countries. No free calls. :-(