Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tagged: Life's Simple Pleasures

Clair tagged me with the question about ten of life's
simple pleasures.
So, without much ado, here are mine:

10) Early morning jog along Rizal Boulevard, just in time to watch the sun rise.

9) Coffee with the Valencia Breakfast Club, after a 10-km bike run.

8) Reading a book under the acacia trees of Silliman Church on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

7) Staged battles with my action figures.

6) Rereading old journals, and laughing at how silly I was back then.

5) Going through the bargain bin, and finding a book I forgot I was looking for.

4) A slingshot, and a pouchful of pellets.

3) Uncovering a stash of old comics.

2) Chance meetings with old friends.

1) My mountain bike beneath me, and an untravelled road in front of me.

And as to whom to tag...anyone who comes across this blog.

1 comment:

  1. I noticed how much you love biking :P
    You always talk about it with me lately and I love seeing the pictures of you getting to travel on your bike every once in a while. Makes me want to go biking too :D

    I miss UP because of the foliage. *sigh*

    As for staged battles with your action figures: as kids, Dang and I would do something like that with our plushies :p So much fun! :D