Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lenovo shuns Linux

Thanks to Charo for pointing out this story.

CRN reports that Lenovo will not install or support the Linux operating system on any of its PCs, including ThinkPads and a series of new notebooks. The company is positioning itself as an exclusive partner of Microsoft, several weeks after the companies announced they were "reaffirming" global market development and cooperation agreements.

It's a bit of a shame, considering that the Thinkpad is one of the notebooks which generally work and play well with Linux. Heck, I even own one. But I suppose the marketing gods have to be appeased, heritage notwithstanding.

This statement is a bit funny in its categorical denial.
"We will not have models available for Linux, and we do not have custom order, either," said Frank Kardonski, Lenovo's worldwide product manager for Lenovo 3000 offerings. "What you see is what you get. And at this point, it's Windows."

In the end, it might really be just a case of support strategy, but this seems to buck the trend among hardware vendors to pre-install and support Linux. HP already does it, as does Acer.


  1. Suprising news, considering Lenovo's heritage.

  2. Money talks, I suppose. In the end, it could really just be an issue of cost support.

  3. Lenovo flip flops. Looks like they like linux after all. They are even pushing Novell SuSE Linux Desktop.