Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Last Fling of Summer: Biking Panglao

I'm writing this post from a cybercafe in Tagbilaran City. I'd been planning on one last summer fling, and I had my eyes set towards Bohol. I was supposed to travel last Monday, but I postponed it because of a lingering cough. Tuesday came and went. And today, I got on the boat.

I took the 1:30PM Weesam fastcraft to Tagbilaran. A little pricey at P550 (P450 for the fare, and P100 for my bike), but otherwise quite comfortable. I arrived at 3:30PM, a little later than I expected, though not too late. After checking into a decent little inn called Sun Avenue Pension House, I headed straight for Panglao Island.

My ultimate goal is to do the circuit of the island. Owing to the time constraints, I had to content myself with the central road from Dauis to Panglao. Follow the red line in the picture below.
Map from
The road was remarkable in its unremarkability. It was a gently rolling road, but generally flat. It cut a straight path across the island. There wasn't much traffic. On either side were pastoral scenes out of generic Filipino provincial life: farm land, sari-sari stores, schools, and not much else. But the air was clear and so the ride was refreshing. I ended right at the doorstep of old San Agustin Church.

It was an 20km ride going one way. Owing to the flatness of the road, there was no downhill coasting just straight pedalling forwards and back. So all in all, a good 40 km. No pictures as yet, though, because I didn't bring my card reader.

Tomorrow: island circuit, with stops at Hagdanan Cave and Alona Beach. Yeah! Gonna squeeze this summer for all it's worth!

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