Friday, June 02, 2006

Installing Dapper Drake

I am installing Ubuntu 6.06, the Dapper Drake, as I write this blog entry...on the same machine that I am using to log on to Blogger and write this blog. That sounds a little mind-boggling, but yes, the same machine that I am installing on is already fully usable. Firefox? Check. GAIM? Check. The GIMP? Check. And let me repeat: I am installing on this machine as I write this blog entry. How cool is that?

No more waiting for hours and hours as the installer copies temporary files to disk. Just boot using in LiveCD mode and click on Install. So now, the installer is working on the background while I have a browser window open. I doubt I'll want to fire up, but yes, I could probably do that.

Darn it! This is the way operating system installations should be. Take that, Microsoft Vista!

Dapper Drake was released yesterday and throughout the day I was fidgeting, checking on the Ubuntu website to see if the download page had been updated to reflect 6.06 instead of 5.10. And finally, I get a message from Charo's blog pointing out the download site. So I left the computer on the whole night while I downloaded the ISO image via Bittorrent. And this morning, voila!

Pretty slick, man. Kudos to the Ubuntu team. More on this as I play around with it.

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