Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cebu trade shows and Supergirls...

However the public relations machines might spin it, InTourPreneur and COMDAP in Cebu were a bit of a drag. To be fair, I only managed one brief visit to both, but they were mild disappointments on opposite extremes.

InTourPreneur was noisy and labyrinthine. If that was their measure of success, good for them. It took me ten minutes to find the IBM booth, who just happened to be a major sponsor; and when I did get there, I couldn't get a decent conversation going because of the noise from the cultural show.

COMDAP, on the other hand, was very sedate, the only sounds coming from the quiz bowl. That would have been fine were it not for a very arrogant know-it-all quizmaster. At least it did give me time to browse around. Nothing really new, though.

Just about the only highlight of the Cebu trade shows I went to were these two Canon booth babes dressed as Supergirls.

Capes and red boots would have been nice accents, but I'm not complaining.

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