Thursday, May 04, 2006

Writing for PC Magazine Philippines

So it looks like I have a more or less regular gig writing for PC Magazine Philippines. So far, I've written four articles for them, two of which have already seen publication. The first was a piece on Mark Shuttleworth, the next one was a long article on supercomputing technologies today. An article on photoediting with The GIMP should come out shortly.

Excerpt of my next piece:
Asterisk started life as a cheap voice mail system written by Mark Spencer in 1999 for his startup company Linux Support Services. The Linux company eventually folded in 2001, but Spencer saw that the future was bright for what was to become the open source PBX project. Spencer teamed up with Jim Dixon of the Zapata Telephony Project, and together they formed Digium, a company that provided products and services around Asterisk. Spencer continues to be the lead maintainer for Asterisk.

System requirements for Asterisk are modest and really depend on the number of simultaneous call that need to be supported. Hobby systems with no more than five concurrent channels can run on a PC with a 400-MHz x86-compatible processor and 256MB RAM. More realistic workloads for small businesses with up to 15 simultaneous connections requires PC with 3-GHz x86-compatible processor and 1GB of RAM. Other factors for the choice of hardware are support for voice encoding, call conferencing, and filtering.

Hmmm, I'm on a roll as a starving writer. Yeah, yeah, looking at my tummy, it doesn't look it, but it's true.


  1. dominique, any plans writing about SOA, web services and related matters?

    (btw, for the past few visits to your site, i cannot seem to scroll down past the picture of the owl.)

  2. Hi, cvj, thanks for visiting. PC Mag is changing its focus to small- and medium-sized business, specifically SOHO, so SOA and web services may be out of the scope for now. But I suppose as that space matures, those articles will become more relevant.

    Thanks for bringing up the problem. I noticed that, too, but only with IE (boo!) Does it look okay now?

  3. Ah... the GIMP. Hoping for the release of the 16-bit version AND a 16-bit version of the RAW converter as well.


  4. Unfortunately, the problem is still there when using IE. I tried with Mozilla and that one is ok.

  5. cvj: it turns out I missed a closing tag in my entry. My bad. Still, surprising how Firefox was more forgiving about it than IE.