Monday, May 29, 2006

Virtualization with VMWare

Excerpt of VMWare article for PC Magazine Philippines, coming out August (probably):
Let's say that your office runs all your desktops and servers on Windows XP and Windows 2000 but your boss has given you the task of trying out a new application on Linux. What would you do? You could either: (a) requisition a brand new PC where you can install Linux; (b) reformat an existing PC and dual-boot Linux; or (c) run Linux from within an existing Windows computer.

Option (a) is neat but expensive: budgets being what they are today, you're not guaranteed to get your new hardware. Option (b) sounds more reasonable, but it's time-consuming and contingent on the availability of a machine that you can repurpose for testing. And that leaves option (c), which sounds appealing but it sounds a bit too incredible to be real. Run Linux from within Windows? Preposterous!

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