Sunday, May 21, 2006

Template tweaks, and accidental poetry

Ahem! A few more site tweaks on village idiot savant: I've added category quick links, a feature not found in Blogger. Actually, it's quite easy to do:
I tagged my posts using and posted feeds on my Blogger template using Feed2JS. Alright, so it's a little tedious tagging all my past posts, but hey, you just need to go ahead and do it.

Searching through my old entries, I came up on accidental poetry. This one was composed on the occasion of the donation of some old books:

Fly, fly, my old friends, and find new homes
You have been good companions, and given me much joy in my time
Now, give joy to the some young stranger parched with thirst of mind


  1. tagging on too difficult. i just tag mine manually =)

    and now i'm thinking of moving to wordpress. categories will be easier, but the migration!!!

  2. Not really. I'm using the extension on Firefox. I can tag in three clicks. I'm loathe to switch to Wordpress, benefits aside; I want to squeeze what I can out of Blogger.

  3. Dom,

    The best thing about blogger is it is owned by Google! NOtice that the blogger home page is one of the few pages in the world with a Page Rank of 10, equal to Google's own home page rating.

    I think this means that blogger blogs will live as long as Google does. Most of our audience hasn't even been born yet!

    If we are writing for the future, we must ensure the survival of our writing. Even if that future is just a year or two away. If one looks at the readership of any one of our postings, it is spaced out in time.

    Nevertheless, I've been playing with a wordpress blog. I think instead of MIGRATING, you can just start a whole new blog at Wordpress.

    I have a different plan for my Wordpress Blog...Am going to use it to publish books online!

  4. haha! buti na lang nag-comment ako. i'll have to look for that extension. but if i do decide to do that, there will be more than a year's worth of posts to tag. argh...

    and rizalist reminds me of why i started using blogger in the first place. the google connection is, in fact, very important =)

  5. Ha ha, that's a great insight, Dean. I think there's a sci-fi story there waiting to be written. It's at once a humbling thought, and a disturbing one. Have the infinite number of monkeys already moved to the blogosphere?

    Von, here's what I'm using (although am still on

  6. Von, Dom
    Wordpress actually is harder to get under the hood of. But it all boils down to the same kinds of concepts and tools: html, css, etc.

    What I'm currently interested in are new website concepts that leverage the power of those large number of monkeys. Viz, where they use something called a nonhierarchical editorial system, a kind of BORG looking around the tech blogosphere and pushing interesting things up to their front page by democratic voting or "digging."

    Them digging monkees is proving to be a curious paradigm since it all works by pure democracy producing "inequality" much like the Blogger A-List, except digg daily updates an A-list of just interesting articles. Paradoxically that is how digg gets a high quality page:::using the inequality produced naturally by a free clicking democracy.

    The optimal democracy is one in which there is a high degree of
    "inequality" in the kinds of policies, leaders and reading material selected by the citizens -- biased towards the highly utilitarian and beneficial choices!

    The key to reaching optimal is FREEDOM of CHOICE.

  7. Hi, Dean: sounds like the Wisdom of Crowds at work. Sacha is actually involved in this kind of work (social networking, bookmarking, folksonomies, etc.) so I'll be sure to arrange a meeting when she gets back.

    I still have to get my hands on a copy of the book, but I can't help but wonder if it doesn't all just boil down to statistics. I guess the conservative in me is a little bit leery of any promises. Then again, it's an exciting area of study.

    Come to think of it, this is beginning to sound a lot like "psychohistory" that Asimov mentioned in his Foundation series. Now that is really scary.