Sunday, May 28, 2006


Yesterday was my introduction to futsal, and boy, did I take an immediate liking to the game.

My UA&P buddy Aris Kintanar from Cebu was in town, accompanying the Don Bosco women's futsal team as their assistant coach (the lucky bastard!) It turns out this week was the finals of the summer tournaments being held here in Dumaguete.

Futsal is a very fast game based on soccer but played indoors in a basketball court. The rules are similar to football, but the ball is bigger and heavier. The ball being what it is, the emphasis is on short passes. Five players to a team, including the goalie. A game runs for half an hour, with a halftime court switch.The women's game was interesting to watch (aside from the obvious reasons) but the men's game was simply intense. Quite a wonder I didn't see any broken bones. Well, let's hope not, though Aris tells me it does happen.

Quite a pleasant surprise to find out that there were several futsal teams within Dumaguete, some coming from the schools and some coming from the barangays. Futsal is an accessible game so you have kids under 12 years playing it. Aris tells me he's a little envious of the support futsal gets here in Dumaguete as opposed to Cebu, where basketball gets the lion's share.


  1. This is one sport I would like to try out. I miss the soccer games we had in Pisay. (I was kinda pathetic but it sure was lots of fun!)

    Awesome pictures too :D

  2. don bosco has a women's futsal team? women's? woww. i thought don bosco was an exclusive school for boys? have they finally crawled out of the middle ages? ;)

    regards. =)

  3. Careful, Oli. They'll kick you in the...ummm. The women, I mean. Ha ha.