Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Browsing news as delivered by Google turned up a news item from entitled Incident might have been a mistake I'm quoting from the relevant portions:

The school has been inundated with emails, some of which were threatening, Rathe said. Montreal police were told of the threats and a security guard was posted outside the school Friday.

But the board has never revealed exactly why Luc was punished. Cagadoc said she was told by the lunch monitor that it was linked to him eating with a spoon and a fork.

According to a schoolboard source, Luc had been eating slowly that day. The lunch monitor warned him that there were only five minutes left to finish his meal. In response, Luc began shovelling food into his mouth, alternating with his spoon and his fork. He dribbled food and the other children laughed.

"When I approached the (monitor) the following day she didn't mention that to me at all," Cagadoc said. "If she had told me something like this ... I would have reacted differently."

Cagadoc, who speaks limited French, said her conversations with the monitor and school principal were in English. Bergeron, she said, told her that: "Here in Canada, this is the way we eat, you should learn the ways Canadians eat."

Sigh. Now they tell us. I guess the only thing that I can say is:

Use the fork, Luc.