Saturday, May 20, 2006

Biking milestones

Today I took a stab at Siquijor's Cambugahay Falls by way of the mountain road that cuts across the island from Luyang to Lazi. No such luck, though, as my body was feeling a little off. I wanted to catch the 1:30pm trip back to Dumaguete so I had to give up my quest at around 11:30am.

Still, this trip wasn't a waste. I got to try out the new Candaon Jet service, for one thing. The fare is the same as the Delta Ferry, but it's easier to get the bicycle on board. It's cleaner, it's cooler, and it's more spacious inside, too. My only beef is that the first trip from Dumaguete leaves at 7:30am, a little too late to start some serious biking.

I also got to try out the new graded shades that I had made from Santillan Optical. Since I'm biking more and more, this is now a necessity. These sunglasses have the same index as my regular eyewear, and heavily tinted and full-pressed around the eye sockets for maximum protection. I've shied away from shades for the longest time because I found them pretentious, but now I know better. And hey, they do make me look cool, right? (Got some spare change, buddy?)

In a way, the shades are a present to myself. Last Friday, I biked all the way up to Valencia without changing gears. Granted, I kept to the middle chainring but I did keep the casette at the second highest gear. And I made it.

So I thought I was ready to assault the transverse road of Siquijor. I was, to a certain extent: I spent more time riding now than walking. But I'm not fully ready yet, it seems. Looking at the map, I realize I was close to Po-o and the long downhill coast to Cambugahay. Anyway, next time.

Still, not too bad. I was travelling up the scenic Bandilaan National Park. I did close to 30km today, with 8km of that in steep winding uphill climb. And I was rewarded with a heady 15-minute downhill rush.

Cambugahay will have to wait another time. In life, we must all learn to yearn a little. (Jostein Gaarder)