Sunday, April 09, 2006

Radio Interview

Forget podcasts, old time radio is where it's at.

Well, not really. But it was a pleasant experience to be part of a radio panel interview. A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Alice Lavinia popped up at my store, introduced herself, and invited me to guest in her program on DYSR.

Dr. Lavinia is running a series on education and career development, and she uses her radio program to reach the rural areas where access to new technology isn't as prevalent. She had a good list of questions which we were unfortunately not able to cover. They do make good starting points for future entries for my Rational Technology column, so I'll tackle them in the future.

With me on the panel were Rovel and Jenjen, young professionals starting their careers in Dumaguete's business process outsourcing industry.


  1. Does DYSR have the capability to convert radio programs to podcasts? Would be interested to hear those podcasts.

  2. Dr. Lavinia has them on tape. I've told them I'd help them convert....using Linux, of course.

  3. it's not too hard pala to find your blog... anyway, i just laughed at our picture... i blinked again... it was an interesting gig and i definitely learned a lot from you... thanx

  4. wow.. Dr Lavinia is my aunt.

    good to see her keeping busy.