Saturday, April 29, 2006

Malagos Garden Resort in Davao

It's only lately that I've broken out of the typical mold of being largely ignorant of the places of interest close to where one lives. So today, I took a tour of the Malagos Garden Resort.

Malagos is about an hour's drive away from downtown Davao on the road to Bukidnon. It's a bit past Calinan, one of the tributary towns to Davao City.

Malagos Garden Resort is a resort of a slightly different sort. It features guest rooms, restaurants, and convention halls, but breaking a bit out of type (for the Philippines, anyway), it's not situated in a beach. Instead, it sits in a 12-hectare park that's part orchid garden and part aviary.

According to the brochure, "it is the first property in the Philippines and the 39th in the world to be certified in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Business and Properties of Audubon International, a worldwide environmental organization based in the USA."

All in all, it's a pretty decent experience. I only have two gripes. First, the entrance fee of P100 per adult (P75 on weekdays) is a little steep; and second, I missed the garden tour and the bird show. So my advice is: before one visits, one should make sure of the schedule of activities first so as to maximize on the entrance fee.

There are a number of sights to see, like this hawk.

And then there are the ostriches. The sign here says to be careful as they have a tendency to grab shiny objects like glasses and cameras.

I think these birds are used to having humans around, though. Not a sign of fear as I peered into their fence. I suppose I was the one who was a little apprehensive. Look at those feet!

And then there's also a nice-looking chicken. But that one's for Gerry Alanguilan.