Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good Friday Mischief: Return to Casaroro

Still on Good Friday....

I offered to take my visiting friends up to Forest Camp in Valencia. They were planning to head on to Casaroro Falls, though how they would get there wasn't as yet clear. I had firmly made up my mind: if they were going to walk, I would just wait in Forest Camp...for all of the 10 minutes it would take them to come back and find another way.

Fortunately, these were sensible folk, and they opted to take the easy way up: the Forest Camp jungle truck.

I think you will not find a more macho looking truck anywhere else in Dumaguete. Its very design cries out "The Phantom" and "Indiana Jones." The engine hood opens up wing-style. And look at the macho-looking axe and shovel on the side!

So it didn't take us long to hit Casaroro Falls. I didn't realize the way going up was so dusty, though, and our macho jungle jeep was raising up clouds and clouds of dust.

And at Casaroro, down we went. Our driver told us there were exactly 335 steps from the entrance to the bottom of the valley, a fact confirmed by one of my friends when she counted each step coming back up.

It was so much more fun to be at the falls with some company. They were a boisterous bunch, stopping to take pictures everywhere, like on the suspension bridge. More daring than I, my friends took a dip in the pool.

As for me, I was content with hopping from rock to rock and meditating by taking in the soothing sussuration of the waterfalls. You really didn't think I was just going to stay home this Good Friday, did you?