Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good Friday Mischief: Biking to Sibulan

After my parish's Way of the Cross, I found myself with a big chunk of time with nothing to do. And I was on a bike. Mmmmm, dangerous combination.

Not quite feeling like going up to Valencia, I opted to go to Sibulan, the next town up north. It was close by, but I had never gone there on bicycle because I didn't like taking the highway. Since it was Good Friday, I thought traffic wouldn't be as heavy.

Travelling to Sibulan y was good exercise, just enough to make me sweat, but nothing overly strenuous. I got as far as the port where all the boats going to and coming from Santander in Cebu would dock.

For a moment, I was very tempted to cross over to Cebu island, but the man at the ticketing office said they weren't sure if there were any boats coming back. I was raring for an adventure, but I thought that the price I might pay would be just too high. So I just opted for some photos.

On the way back, I didn't take the highway. Instead, I took an alternate road going through Barangay Magatas (yes, that is it's name, and I think it means "milky") and Camanjac. Very rough road, but at least level all the way.

I was happy.

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