Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Getting Lost in Vigan

Yup, I'm in Vigan today. I took the midnight bus last night and arrived here at a little before 8:00am.

Last night was a little adventure in itself. After dinner with the gang post-iBlog2, I rushed to Makati to shower, get my gear ready, and headed back to Cubao to the Dominion Lines station. I got there well before 10:30pm, when I thought the bus was supposed to leave, and then I learned that the actual schedule for departure was 11:30pm. I was close to calling it off, but I persisted.

Eventually, I did get a ticket (P540) and I did get on. I slept through most of the way, banging my head against the window sill in the process. But no permanent damage done.

First order upon arrival was to find lodgings. Upon some friends' recommendations, I opted for Villa Angela. I realize it was pricier than other hotels for the quality of room I was getting -- no airconditioning and a common bathroom -- but it's ambience couldn't be beat. Ah, never mind, it's just a night, after all.

Strangely, I feel very comfortable in Vigan's surroundings. It must be my small-town mindset. I absolutely love it here! Even Villa Angela, which some of my friends might describe as spooky, has a certain familiar allure.

So far, I've visited the St. Paul's Cathedral, the adjoining museum, and the Burgos museum. I've also had the requisite empanada at food court near the plaza.

I've also walked along Crisologo Street, famous for its antique shops. I really like how the city has preserved its Spanish-era atmosphere. I can just walk the streets and suck in the history.

I should be exploring the city more, but the heat is just unbearable. That's why I decided to duck into the cafe to post some of these articles. But the speed here is just atrocious!

Tomorrow, Laoag!

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