Friday, April 28, 2006

Dumaguete Writers' Workshop

This afternoon, I received a call. It was from Dr. Edith Tiempo's secretary. She told me that I was a fellow in the Dumaguete Writers' Workshop. This, while I was browsing toys at Gaisano Mall.

Strangely enough, I started out very calm about the whole thing, the only indication of excitement the big smile that was spreading on my face. It might have been because I didn't make it to the roster last year, so I had been steeling myself for another disappointment. Then, quite the opposite happens.

So it looks like three weeks of my life will be dedicated to literary...stuff, with what I think is my best work ripped to shreds in front of my very eyes. Gasp! And...I'm afraid I'm too polite to do any ripping of my own.

Now I'm getting apprehensive. Shudder. Should I back out?

Then again, this is something I had been hoping to be part of for a long while. And I won't feel complete as the Dumagueteno I could have been if I didn't participate in this venerable institution. So really, I wouldn't have it any other way.

To reward myself, or possibly because my judgment had been impaired by the suppressed giddiness, I bought this threesome:

Image from Big Bad Toy Store

The list of fellows, as texted to me by Ian:


Michellan Sarile
Andrea Teran
Darwin Chiong
Ana Neri


Patricia Evangelista
Noel Pingoy


Antonio Habana
Erika Cabanawan
Douglas Candano
Larissa Suarez
Dominique Cimafranca


  1. Congratulations! Or should I say good luck? It's not a small thing to get into the Dumaguete workshop, not with all the big name writers who started out there. I'm sure you'll do well. Have fun.

    suya kaayo ko!! ;)

  2. Hey, if you're too polite to rip on other writers' works, then you're a lot better person than many other writers I've known.

    Congratulations, Dominique. Just don't forget that all of us writers have our specialties and limitations, and you'll be just fine. :)

  3. Hey, thanks, you two. I'll be sure to post updates on the workshop as it progresses.

  4. congratulations Dominique! Make sure you post your literary works online for all to see. ;-)

  5. Thanks, Tsinkoy! Hmmm, isn't anyone going to compliment me on my choice of action figures? That's John Stewart, Tomar-Re, and Kilowog (my favorite GL).

  6. Hey Dom. Congratulations sa yo! I think your action figures will serve as inspiration to your future works. =)

  7. But you do know Hal Jordan is still the one true Green Lantern right? ;)

  8. Congrats Dom, give them the what-for! Have fun in the workshop.

  9. No! The one true Green Lantern is...Guy Gardner! Thanks, all. I'm flattered.

  10. Dom,
    Congrats! Live blog unya kay curious ko ug tinuod ba nga kilawon ang mga sinuwat sa mga writers during the workshop. Great action figures too but my Battle BDaman will knock these down :-) kids these days, they don't just play jolen like we used to, they need launchers---but I'm a BDaman convert, because of my sons.

  11. Hi, Max: I'll try to write what I can. I don't know if they have any restrictions as to what I can let out. But, hmmm, I've got ideas on what to do for the weekends already.

    Ah, yes, toys these days. Remember Beyblades? Had me thinking about the "kasing" of my childhood, with that rusty nail that could take an eye out. He he, now those were real toys....

  12. Dom, I hereby appoint you yaya of your fellow fellows. Since weekends are off, why don't you take them to casaroro and siquijor? I'll try to do my usual yaya duties, but I may have to hie off to canlaon once in a while. different duty altogether...

  13. Yep! Consider me volunteered! In fact, I'm already thinking of the program....

  14. Great gig, Dominique! Btw check out good job Alecks Pabicko of PCIJ did at the Freedom of Expression in Asian Cyberspace conference last week. Be great if the writers workshop materials get put online... By the way, one of my favorite places for submitting literature and getting it reviewed by likeminded folks is at Francis Ford Coppola's online movie production and short story website:

    More power!

  15. Dom,
    Beyblades are great. My eldest son and I used to spend a lot of time playing with it. I've never been comfortable with kasings, though, I can't seem to be able to make them spin. I had a kasing when I was still young but in ten attempts, I'd be lucky to have one good spin.

  16. wow! when i first read your name in the newspaper, i had to think if that was you. well, this is the confirmation. congratulations!

  17. Thanks, DJB, Max, and Von!

    DJB: thanks particularly for the link. Will check that out.

    Max: same hit rate with me. I'm just happy I still have both eyes intact.

  18. congratz dom!!! and good luck... wow! you hit it, big time!