Friday, April 28, 2006

Dumaguete Writers' Workshop

This afternoon, I received a call. It was from Dr. Edith Tiempo's secretary. She told me that I was a fellow in the Dumaguete Writers' Workshop. This, while I was browsing toys at Gaisano Mall.

Strangely enough, I started out very calm about the whole thing, the only indication of excitement the big smile that was spreading on my face. It might have been because I didn't make it to the roster last year, so I had been steeling myself for another disappointment. Then, quite the opposite happens.

So it looks like three weeks of my life will be dedicated to literary...stuff, with what I think is my best work ripped to shreds in front of my very eyes. Gasp! And...I'm afraid I'm too polite to do any ripping of my own.

Now I'm getting apprehensive. Shudder. Should I back out?

Then again, this is something I had been hoping to be part of for a long while. And I won't feel complete as the Dumagueteno I could have been if I didn't participate in this venerable institution. So really, I wouldn't have it any other way.

To reward myself, or possibly because my judgment had been impaired by the suppressed giddiness, I bought this threesome:

Image from Big Bad Toy Store

The list of fellows, as texted to me by Ian:


Michellan Sarile
Andrea Teran
Darwin Chiong
Ana Neri


Patricia Evangelista
Noel Pingoy


Antonio Habana
Erika Cabanawan
Douglas Candano
Larissa Suarez
Dominique Cimafranca