Thursday, April 20, 2006

Borregidor Lighthouse

The ride to Laoag was a rustic vista of ricefields and mountains, but I'm afraid I'm a little disappointed with the city itself. I suppose it might be because of the historic euphoria I'm still feeling from Vigan.

In any case, I decided to skip exploration of the city and head directly for Pagudpod. I checked into a very low-end but passable hotel, The Texicana, and made a beeline for the minibus station. I told the conductor to drop me off at Burgos, specifically, Borregidor, where my friend Angeli recommended a stop at a lighthouse.

What a sight it was! Jutting out of the Borregidor hillside and standing majestically tall was the lighthouse. I eagerly made the climb on the well-paved road going up to the structure, half-wishing I had my bike with me. But really, it wasn't that much of a climb, though the midday heat was intense.

I almost missed the caretaker, who it turns out was also Coast Guard, and whose job it was was to turn on the light every night. Luckily, I did catch him on my way out, and so he opened the door for me and I got to the top of the lighthouse.
The view from above was spectacular!