Thursday, April 20, 2006

Borregidor Lighthouse

The ride to Laoag was a rustic vista of ricefields and mountains, but I'm afraid I'm a little disappointed with the city itself. I suppose it might be because of the historic euphoria I'm still feeling from Vigan.

In any case, I decided to skip exploration of the city and head directly for Pagudpod. I checked into a very low-end but passable hotel, The Texicana, and made a beeline for the minibus station. I told the conductor to drop me off at Burgos, specifically, Borregidor, where my friend Angeli recommended a stop at a lighthouse.

What a sight it was! Jutting out of the Borregidor hillside and standing majestically tall was the lighthouse. I eagerly made the climb on the well-paved road going up to the structure, half-wishing I had my bike with me. But really, it wasn't that much of a climb, though the midday heat was intense.

I almost missed the caretaker, who it turns out was also Coast Guard, and whose job it was was to turn on the light every night. Luckily, I did catch him on my way out, and so he opened the door for me and I got to the top of the lighthouse.
The view from above was spectacular!


  1. Dom, I think that place and lighthouse are both called "Boreador". I remember because we couldn't stop on our way to Pagudpud and I just knew we were missing out on something out of the ordinary. I'm glad you got to stop. But then again, you weren't with kids asking for the nth time, "Are we THERE yet?" :-)

  2. Right you are, Danah. It just seemed to me that the guy was saying "Borregidor." Anyway, I still managed to find it, so everything was good.

  3. oh, so that's boreador!

    i remember looking out the bus window, craning my neck (almost breaking it in the process) in an attempt to look at the lighthouse a couple of years ago. unable to stop the bus, and mess with our itinerary, all i could do was look. well, at least now i do where to go back for it :)