Saturday, April 22, 2006

Baguio...and civilization!

The fellow at the Partas bus station told me that the trip from Laoag to Baguio would take about six hours. In reality, it was closer to eight. And that really threw my plans out of whack: the reason I wanted to swing by Baguio was to break what was a long 11-hour trip into two and decompress for a few hours in the City of Pines. As it turned out, I arrived at around 5:30pm, leaving not much time for taking in the sights.

Fortunately, my friends Mario and Mantha had a warm welcome for me in the form of stir-fried pork-and-pineapple and java rice (picture to follow later). Simply delicious. Not satisfied with that, Mario and I headed off to Volante for pizza after dropping off Mantha.

I couldn't get a bus back to Manila earlier than 12:40am, so Mario and I whiled away the time at Nevada Square, the popular hangout for yuppies and students in Baguio. Young people and...lechers. Mwa ha ha.
Nevertheless, the experience was worthwhile. It gave me some ideas for Dumaguete....