Wednesday, April 19, 2006

At the iBlog2 Conference

Tuesday was a very busy day. My dad, sister, and I had a morning appointment with the US embassy for our visa renewal interviews. I wish there was something significant to write about it but, as anyone who has gone through it knows, it's really just queues and lines and waiting...until that dreaded moment of verdict.

We came in prepared with financial records and business documents, but really, all the interviewer did with us was dig up the photos from our earliest passports. "See that?" he said to my sister, pointing to her picture at eight years old: "that's what your father sees everytime he talks to you."

Needless to say, we got our visas.

Then I rushed to UP for the iBlog2 Conference. I arrived very late, just in time for Jonas Diego's final spiel of his talk. I snuck in the back, and who should I find myself seated beside but Dean Jorge Bocobo! We chatted away like two schoolkids at the back of the class, earning dirty looks from a middle-aged lady seated close to us. He he, but really, what did you expect?

It was good to see Sean, Marcelle, Clair, Cathy, and Charo again. Sean had to leave early, but Ealden and Gelo joined us later. I also got to meet Annalyn Jusay, Jove Francisco, and Punzi but sadly, I wasn't able to catch MLQ3 and Ellen Tordesillas. Other folks I met up with: Janette Toral, Von Totanes, JJ Disini, Emer Banzon, and several other old friends. (I'm writing this in a Vigan cybercafe, so links to follow).

Next, I attended the blog monetization talk, of which Charo was part. The talk gave me good ideas for a future Rational Technology article. I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to be a problogger, though.

After the event, Clair, Marcell, Charo, Gelo, and I sauntered over to one of UP's grill joints for dinner.
Heated conversation about the conduct of the iBlog 2 conference devolved into a forkfight...inevitably.

Of course, we were able to patch things up for a friendlier group shot later on.