Saturday, March 18, 2006

Why is this woman smiling?

Updated version with lengthier explanation of "sell".

This photo brought a slight chuckle. "Corazon 'Dinky' Soliman (R)...." Would anyone think that it was Ms. Soliman on the left side of the picture? But then I suppose it's automatic for editors to label the people in a picture.

But on to my question: why is this woman smiling?

Because the boobies played right into her hands. What would have been a silly and ineffectual bourgeouis gesture of protest has just been conferred with some legitimacy. In pro-wrestling terms, this is the "sell". The fight looks more convincing if the opponent reacts convincingly. According to the Wikipedia:
In professional wrestling, the sell is the element of making the action appear to be at least somewhat realistic to the crowd, or at least the marks within the crowd. In other words, it has to do with the acting necessary to sell the storyline. Reactions to moves are often exaggerated, or "oversold", for maximum crowd effect.

And yeah, the police bought into it big time.

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