Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Self-Anointed One

I had to make a special effort not to lose my breakfast when I read the Philippine Daily Inquirer's headline today.
'It's God's will that I am here'

Quote attributed to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Honestly, I don't know what to say. Messiah complex is the first thing that comes to mind, and according to the Wikipedia,
Messianic complex is a psychological state in which the individual believes him/herself to be the saviour of the world.

I don't deny that some people are chosen by God for some special role, but an essential quality of these few is humility. And humility is indeed a prerequisite, because oftentimes, this calling is a great burden, one that calls for sacrifice and self-surrender.

As it is, who has this woman sacrificed if not the Filipino people, and at her own altar of ancestor worship and predestination?

My only comfort is this: the last time she made a similar announcement, the wrath of heaven came down on her.


  1. your entry reminds me of the decision of gma to run for election despite giving word that she will not. she said that god talked to her and it was his will that she run for prez. she even had the audacity to delare that the late pope gave her his blessings which a papal spokesperson denied.

    in ancient times, people who profess to have talked to god were called prophets and sages.

    now, they're called flip and are consigned to the loony bin.

    great blog!

  2. okay! so who is s'posed to be there? i asked these a lot in the forum and it seems that students and alumini alike can't answer. so? must be so. i tnk we deserve what's happenning...*shrugs

    2 years more hahay, we 'll survuve that! we're tuff as tux aren't we? :D

    i hope by that time my question will be answered! answer it anyways now if u have any...i'd be glad.

  3. Thanks, Morofilm! Good to see another fellow blogging from Davao. And congratulations on the award.

    Prophets and sages are flips, by most accounts, and that's the price they pay for this act of divine selection. But their acts bear them out as prophets.

    GMA's acts bear her out to, and she's no prophet. (Coincidentally, I came upon a quote from Paradise Lost just now).

  4. It's not so much a question of who should be there as how that person gets there.

  5. Hahaha, she's invoking the Divine Right of Kings? Have our politics progressed from the Dark Ages into the Age of Enlightenment now?

  6. You said it, Miguel: this crosses the line of separation between church and state.

    If you want to know why she acts this way, I mention this in an earlier post:

  7. Who should be there? Someone who the majority of the people pick through a clean and honest election. A tall order given the loooong waaaiiit and a faulty election system. By then the damage to this nation will be unthinkable.

  8. Mind you, I liked the headline. It managed to capture the seriousness by which she said it, and the sheer absurdity of the statement on its own. It called to mind the old question as to whether or not she suffered from fits of madness, and it makes us question whether or not religion has become such an integral part of our political 'horse sense'. It summarizes the article and forces us to consider ourselves at the same time, and when I first read it, I laughed and laughed and laughed.

  9. Sean: You're right. It is funny...until you realize that the joke's on us.

  10. Personally I wouldn't read too much into Gloria's statement there. It's the typical Filipino Christian attitute... it's God's will when it rains, it's God's will when it doesn't rain, whatever happens is God's will. Most likely it was a casual throwaway comment overblown by The Inquirer (as frontpage headline!) to make it seem like a grand declaration.

    The media seems to be doing all it can to make itself seem the victim of 1017, so they can 'bravely' defy the government and make heroes of themselves. Yesterday I found something very ironic on "Arroyo bashes ABS-CBN for 'irresponsible journalism'" was the headline. Examining the facts inside the article, GMA actually made only a vague reference to ABS-CBN, with a statement that takes quite a reach construe as "bashing". Irresponsible journalism indeed.

  11. Mike: Not read too much into the statement? The Philippine Star said as much, though not in the headlines. Last year, the same headline graced the cover story of Time Magazine. And let's not forget her story about how she 'ran' in the elections with the Pope's blessing. It's a particularly dangerous declaration to be making when your actions are neither ethical nor moral.

    And when her statements praise GMA-TV to high heavens for their "ideal journalism" and declare that "no. 2 is a distant contender", well, I don't see how that can be anything other than ABS-CBN bashing (though I don't like ABS-CBN either).

  12. Her exact line was "...Kaya ako naniniwala na ako ay naririto dahil iyon ang plano Niya sa akin, para sa atin". There's a difference from making a grand declaration that God is on your side (as you seem to be interpreting it)... All she said is that she believes that what has happened is part of God's plan. Not sure what you mean when you say her actions aren't ethical or moral.

  13. Translate that into English, Mike, and see what you get. And as to what you don't see, well, you don't see.

  14. um, i think i stole your story (or was it the Concerned Artists people?). i won't take credit for the idea, but i hope you like what i did with it.