Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Robbery tonight at 7:30PM at Kent's Store, corner of Perdices and Noblefranca. Four men on motorcycles burst into the cellphone shop, shot the guard, and absconded with cash and some cellphones. The robbers then left.

Disturbing, to say, the least. I wonder what the new chief of police will have to say.

I hope the guard was alright.

Update: Dropped by the store this morning and inquired about the events of last night. Thankfully, it seems the guard was only grazed on the side.

Total take: four cellphones. In this country, that qualifies as petty theft. Still, to think about what people would be willing to kill for....shudder.


  1. I too hope the guard was ok, I will pray for him right now.

    I ask in the name of your only Son Jesus that this guard would be ok and that you would work out this situation so that you receive glory for your goodness. Please heal the guard and allow him to see your faithfulness even in the midst of all this turmoil. On the merits of Jesus Christ I ask for this...Amen

  2. Thanks very much for your prayers, Bill. I'll find out more about what happened.

  3. I saw the guard when i passed by the store last night. I still saw him standing up and was helped by to guys and i think was brought to the hospital. Initially i heard he was just stab by the robber...

    Then i saw two very late policemen going to the scene of the crime... It would have been better if they went out to look for the robbers immediately.

  4. It saddens me to think of how rife crime has become in Dumaguete. It hasn't always been like this and many DumagueteƱos always attribute it to the influx of people coming in form neighbouring provinces drawn by the city's mini-prosperity.

    I do hope the local authorities clamp down hard. It hurts more than just the victims but the entire city as well can suffer to effects of bad publicity.

  5. Apparently it was quite a bit more than 4 cellphones:

  6. I daresay -- and this is unfortunate, too -- that people would be willing to kill for a whole lot less.

    I've read the Daily Star article. The suspects were each 19? And they were pawning off the (assumed) proceeds immediately afterwards? What could have convinced them to pull off the robbery in the first place? Greed? Desperation? Boredom? Issues like these definitely need a closer look.