Saturday, March 25, 2006

Is it sedition if....?

News headline today: "Palace: To kill Arroyo at PMA real threat" and "AFP on alert amid GMA slay plot."

I want to know: is it seditious if I say "Who Gives a Flying Fee-fee?"

The problem with these slay plots is that they are just so...unimaginative. True to their brutishly military origins, it's always a choice between bullets or bombs. It's just so trite and cliched. Can't they come up with something more creative?



  1. door prizes at the barangay meeting? haha. here (manila), the enticement is Food.

    grabe. we hold barangay meetings na for charter change? i've been out of the loop lately, having too many deadlines. i didn't realize that They're really getting so desperate. hay.


    as for the assassination plots. hahaha. kung sobrang galing ng intelligence nila, di dapat hinuli na nila 'yung mga nagpaplano nu'n. (dapat hinuli na nila si joc joc din.) hay. makes you wonder if, before the Secretaries and the Chief sleep, they decide what "plot" to release for the next day. maybe they'll roll dice, just so that they can surpsise themselves.


    "six. ano ba ang six?"

    "coup plot!"

    "call the press secretary. tawagin nating... Operation Lugaw. okay? okay na? good night."

  2. Hay, naku, the whole thing was just annoying. Syempre may pagkain, kasi kung walang pagkain walang pupunta. Yung bago sa akin yung premyo. Ala Wowowee, di ba? Tapos, yung pinakamaagang dumating, may P100 pa.

    Mga anak talaga ni Esau.

    Thanks for dropping by, as always.

  3. Here's my idea for an assassination attempt:
    Hold a tournament of Philippine politicians. This will get some of the most well-known political figures in the country together. Offer a gold cup as the prize. Then, we have to fix the events so that Gloria will win. If we get caught, at least we'll get charged with cheating rather than subversion. This cup, however, is no ordinary trophy--what Gloria will not know is that the cup is, in fact, enchanted in such a way that whomever touches it is teleported to some remote location! There, someone, preferably FPJ, will be waiting to kill her and anybody who might accidentally get teleported with her! IT IS FOOLPROOF!

  4. miguel, i think i vaguely remember watching your plan in... the last harry potter movie. haha.


    i think the old folks will rather have us say, "si Lord na'ng bahala sa Kanya." i don't know. maybe we should all remind ourselves of the horrors of Hell every now and then. might be good for our souls.

    oops, we're already in hell, haha. i forgot. hay.

    dom, weird nga talaga ang pagbigay nila ng Prizes, 'no? what the hell were the people in Malacanan thinking? (yes, they say that they're not in on it- these barangay assemblies. right.)

    by the way, V's (vendetta) wonderful. gowatchit. for easier fare, okay din ang Nanny McPhee.


  5. Mike: Hindi pwede, kasi magkakampi sila ni Voldemort. Parehong ahas! Mwa ha ha ha.

  6. Oli: yep, saw V. Vonderful!lu