Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dibidi player

Okay, I am fighting blogger's block and the need to be consequential in my posts, so here's an entry that bucks both.

Our old el-cheapo Promac DVD player was starting to give up its ghost so I thought of scouting around for a new one. By now, appliances like these should be a no-brainer, but I was torn between buying another cheap no-name brand or getting a more prestigious name with accompanying warranty.

Mom suggested towards the latter so I checked out the more reputable names: Philips, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, etc. They were a tad expensive, almost double the range of the el-cheapos. And the Samsung unit caught my eye. Looking over the labels painted on its pristene case, I saw that it supported Div-X, WMA, MPEG-4, and JPG.

Hmmmm, I wondered, would it support AVI?

The salesman gave me his spiel, reassuring me that it would. I said I would burn a CD and try it out. If it worked, I would buy it straightaway.

Much to his disappointment -- and mine -- it didn't. None of the other DVD players in the store did, either. Some snazzy Samsung component system with a USB port and 10,000W of speaker power did, though, but at P15,000, its price was out of my budget. I told the salesman sorry, and that I would consider getting a new unit when their cheaper model came in.

On a lark, I went to check out the cheaper brands. Then it caught my eye: Orange.

My first DVD player was branded Orange. It would have been a laughable purchase, but that old unit gave me over a year of solid service. It has since passed on to my sister, and it's working still.

I brought my CD with the AVI files on it, and told the salesgirl I would try it out. Doubtful? Of course! Why should an el-cheapo no-name brand fare any better than a Samsung.

Except that it worked.

Sure, it wasn't pretty, but darn it, it worked!

I bought the thing straightaways. The salesgirl said that the warranty was only three months long, but I guess I have to bite the bullet. My first player did last quite a while. Total expense: P2,468.

So anyway, I think I'll start my countdown for this player. I'll be pleasantly surprised if it lasts me a year, but it should be worth a number of movies.


  1. Wow where di u buy that crap!!! If crap like that would play AVI i myt as well be crap too, see it's like linux libre, avi/vcd/acd player brandless!!!

    Waaaaaaaaaaa!!! Where'd ya bought it, pls tell me, pls, pls, pls make a post featuring THAT PLAYER let's call it some name, name it then...name it a linux like name! I wanna experiment on that also! That's good for my ROBOTS! Maybe i'd put it together as with my salvage components!

  2. If you have any friends who make frequent trips to hong kong, I bought my dvd player one year ago in Wanchai. It plays avi's (all versions) beautifully. It can work as an mp3 player, picture viewer (useful for reading manga) on cd's and dvds. Anyone interested, just drop me a line. Thanks