Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Inhuman behavior on TV

I got so upset watching TV last night that I just had to write this letter that I am sending to major newspapers. If you feel the same way, please help me get the word out.

I am not a regular television viewer, preferring instead to read books or surf the Internet for my recreation, but on occasion I do flip through the channels to see what's going on. Yesterday, I had the misfortune of watching a truly execrable scene of deliberate humiliation incompatible with basic human decency.

A young woman, as punishment for some trivial infraction, was ordered to break a raw egg on her own face. This she did so. Repeatedly. The others around her watched in smug satisfaction.

This scene, if you don't already know it, was played out on GMA's "Extra Challenge: Ang Tagapag-Mana." The program is a serial offender to morals and sensibility, having gone as far as to offend Muslims with their Dubai episodes. The scene played out yesterday represents a new low in the history of public television programming.

I truly don't know what message GMA is trying to impart with this program. The premise seems to be that several would-be heiresses are vying for the approval of a cruel matron with the view of receiving their inheritance. What is it trying to say? That it is acceptable to undergo humiliation of the worst sort just for money? That it is fitting that one should subject another human being to torture just to prove their love and loyalty?

What I do know is programming likes this contributes to the further degradation of our morals and the corruption of our psyche.

We have just experienced a national tragedy involving a so-called entertainment program. At the very least, the networks should have undergone a period of reflection on how they contributed to the events leading to that.

It seems that the lessons have not been learned, and that those 79 people died in vain. That is the real tragedy.

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