Sunday, January 29, 2006

Spring cleaning in January

All I really wanted was to see the top of our coffee table again. Over the past several months, several books, magazines, and assorted gadgets had piled up on top of it. And they were impossible to get rid off because I was out of bookshelf space.

So this afternoon I set out to do a spot of spring cleaning. I squared my comics away (a whole boxful accumulated over the years, not counting the hundreds already in Davao); and I trawled my library for books that I didn't mind parting with.

Now that I'm done, I can finally see the varnish of our coffee table. I am adorning them with -- what else? -- coffee table books. Not a whole lot. Just two tasteful ones: One Digital Day from Intel, and The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett and Paul Kidby. Okay, then, tasteful by my standards.

But now there's a whole pile of books and magazines that will most likely find a new home in the Dumaguete City Public Library or in Foundation University's IT Department. Ah, well, in life a little detachment is necessary.

If there's anyone from Dumaguete who would like first pick of the books, drop me a note. You know where to find me.


  1. You've just got to give them to the City Lib, Dom! TVB Group's giving a bunch of stuff there soon.