Thursday, January 05, 2006

New driver's license

Another advantage to living in Dumaguete: getting your driver's license in a little over an hour. Oh, sure, Singapore might do it better but that's Singapore. We're talking about the Philippines here. This has got to be a record of sorts.

I had the farce of a medical and drug test this morning. I am free of amphetamines and cannabis, as the urinalysis reveals. Whoop-de-doo. At least the test center bothered to give me an eye test, unlike last time.

Things could have gone smoother at the Land Transportation Office if the cashier hadn't gone for an inordinately long break. Did I want to take issue with that? No sirree! As a rule, all government employees in the Philippines are S-C-A-R-Y, and this lady was no exception.

At least I had a good laugh with the photographer. The accompanying picture should tell you why.


  1. Is there still a "Look Here" below the camera in the LTO? Its funny coz if you really look there then you'd be sort of bowing in your Driver's license picture.

  2. I last had our licenses renewed in Dumaguete maybe 3 years ago. I see they still have that drug test thing going on, huh? A drug user with a working brain cell can work out that not taking drugs a few days before the actual drug test would make him pass. D'oh!

  3. Thanks for dropping by.

    MarkV: things are somewhat better. Now they ask you to look directly into the camera. That explains the deer-in-the-headlights look.

    Chaz: yup, drug test is still the baseline for all activities here. You can be a homicidal maniac, a psycho, or a serial killer and still qualify for any number of posts because you passed the drug test. Yippeee.

  4. and i just read about the "doctors" at the drug test labs by the LTO on Alex Pal's column in the visayandailystar. i don't really know if they're doctors, the last time i renewed my license over there was in May 2005, and they sure did not look and act like doctors.

    it's funny, when i first got my license in 2001, i was told to pay and then come back later. when i came back, my application already had (driving) test results. I was aghast! I made 3 mistakes! Me? Three mistakes? But then, I really couldn't do anything, since I didn't take the test. :-) ah, Dumaguete.

  5. Ha, ha. Sounds familiar. But that's nothing compared to Davao. A BLIND man got a driver's license.

    In fairness, the medical testing center looked to be professionally run. And the Authorized Specimen Collector did accompany me (up to a point) to see that the...sample...was really mine.