Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hoodwinked, Done in Manila

From my blog buddy, Tsinkoy, I found out that the sleeper hit Hoodwinked was done in the Philippines!

A visit to the official website gives the story:
To turn bits and bytes into the wolves and bears of Red’s “hood,” the filmmakers jetted off to a 5,000 square foot studio in the [capital] of the Philippines, Manila, where a team of top-notch animators was assembled. Lovegren and Montgomery chose Manila not only because it has a vast and experienced pool of animation talent but because most of the people there have grown up on American pop culture – and had a real appreciation for the sly humor and visual style that make HOODWINKED so distinctive.

In Manila, Lovegren and Montgomery worked together to establish cutting-edge procedures that significantly shrank the normal multi-year animation film schedule and turbo-charged the entire process. The break-neck pace was a constant challenge to the Manila artists, who fine-tuned and layered the characters and sets of HOODWINKED in the 3D world of Maya Software.



  1. Hey Doms, the company is called Digital Eye Candy based out of Makati.

  2. Thanks for the added detail, Chaz. Know anyone there.

    Thanks for posting this earlier, Tsinkoy.

  3. Nope, don't know anyone there personally but I know of someone who has a sister working there. Strange that I couldn't find a website for them yet.

  4. you can't please em' all ... take a look at this link...