Friday, January 20, 2006

Dakota Wolf

Today was my first time on a horse. I picked him off the lineup at Mines View Park in Baguio: a tall, handsome, dark-colored colt that was half-thoroughbred. His name was Dakota Wolf, and he sported the number 36 on his saddle.

At the time that I did it, it seemed like a silly frivolous thing to do. P150 for a half-hour on a horse? Expensive! Daft! But my sister insisted, and I thought to myself: this is one of the things I haven't done yet, so I might as well get it over with.

The taciturn handler gave me a few instructions (Walk Forward, Turn Left, Turn Right, Gallop, and most mportantly, Stop!) and escorted me around the track. After a while, he let me go and I was on my own.

Dakota Wolf was remarkably well-behaved. I could feel that he wanted to go off on a gallop and the long stretches, and I'm afraid I had to hold him back a little. This was my first time.

When I let him have his way, he rode off on a trot and I went up-down-up-down. Oooh, I should have worn supporters!

After several laps, I brought him to the side of the track where my parents and other sister were. My sister sent off her horse, who was behaving badly, and had a turn with Dakota Wolf. Unable to resist, my other sister took a turn. My Dad also got up on him, but did not go around.

Lots of pictures with the horse, but mostly of my sisters. Coming soon!

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