Tuesday, December 20, 2005

That's a wrap!

Today was the last day of my animation classes at Foundation University. It's been close to two months since I started the program, and I tell you, it was a significant time investment. Every day I'd spend five hours or more in class. It's a good thing I set aside this year to be a bum.

As this was the final day, we were told to wrap up our group projects. There was last-minute rush. We had a good amount of drawings cleaned up and scanned in, but it was clear that there was no way we were going to meet our initial targets. What's more, only one or two scenes had been assembled. And we still had to put together the whole movie through the non-linear editor.

And so we slogged on. Come five o'clock, it was tools-down. We managed to get most of our scenes in so that the story made some sense. Never mind that some of the animations were just crude line tests. And we even got some rudimentary credits in.

Here are some screen captures from our project:

I'd post the clip, but it's over 26 Megabytes so I can't. On the other hand, I will gladly show the product to anyone who asks willingly. Or unwillingly.

Two weeks work yielded a total of 30 seconds of screen time. Whew! In our defense, all I can say is that we were learning the tools along the way. It was hard work, but quite enjoyable.

What did I get out of this whole venture?

1) A better understanding of the animation process. I now know what to look for, and I can appreciate all the hard work that goes in.

2) Somewhat improved linework. Still loads of practice to go through, especially since I slackened off from the pencil in favor of the computer the past two weeks.

3) Good grasp of the tools of the trade. I picked up a couple of tricks on Adobe Photoshop which will soon get translated to my excursions into the Gimp. I also learned CTP, Adobe Premier, and a bit more of Inkscape (the last one was extracurricular, but I used it extensively for cleaning up drawings by converting them to vector).

4) Lots of new ideas.

5) Friends.

The last two have made it really worthwhile.

So come next year, the guys will be reporting for work to Entheos as in-betweeners, and later on, they become animators. I can't say that I'm not envious. Because to a large extent, I am.


  1. Nice illustrations...makes me want to also learn animation.

  2. Hi,
    I'm anxious to see your animation. I found a cool site while searching for repository sites out there. Here is the URL www.putfile.com. You can upload it there, but its only upto 25mb, then you could give us a link.


  3. Thanks for the interest in our work. The class was really worthwhile, but as I said, significant time investment required.

    Mark, the file is 26MB so it's out of the range of putfile. But I plan to shrink it down. I'll post the link when I do.

    Thanks for visiting.