Saturday, December 17, 2005

Something to be said for procrastination...

Just so you know: I made it to Cebu the other day but not quite as I expected.

I left off my last blog post when I had to pack for the trip. It was an overnighter, so I really didn't have to bring a lot. I just had to make sure I remembered the Christmas presents. I was done by 9:45am, with plenty of time to spare.

At 10:00am I was out on the street in front of our house waiting for the bus to pass by. The bus was scheduled to leave the terminal at 10:30am so I was way early. I whiled the time away reading a biography of Deng Xiaoping.

10:05am. A bus passes. Oh, it's for Kabankalan.

10:15am. Another bus. Oh, it's for Guihulngan.

10:30am. More buses. None of them are Ceres.

10:45am. Finally! I espy the Ceres bus bound for Cebu.

From the sidewalk I hop onto the street and start waving furiously. And what happens?

The frickin' driver doesn't stop.

The bus passes me by and there's no way I can catch it. I blew 45 minutes for nothing. Now if only I had procrastinated, I would have gotten more...stuff...done in that time frame. But, no-oooo! I had to be the early bird.

Gah, who wants worms anyway?

I did make it on the 12:50pm trip. Not wanting to take any chances, I went to the terminal. Better safe than sorry.

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