Sunday, December 25, 2005

So this is how it feels to be in the 5%

"On time 95% of the time."

That's the tag line for Cebu Pacific, until recently my favorite local airline. Then yesterday I was stuck in the airport for five hours waiting for my flight to Davao.

My flight was supposed to be at 3:30PM. I checked in early because the lines are horrendous during the Christmas season. And I was right, though I'm happy to say that things were a bit more organized this year. Thankfully, Von also checked me in early so I got a good seat.

However, the flight got pushed back to 5:30PM. We were finally in the air at 6:30PM.

To be fair, Cebu Pacific has been true to its promise to be "on time 95% of the time." I just wish they wouldn't make up for all their punctuality in the 5% that they are late. Blah!

I'll chalk up the delays to growing pains with their new Airbus jets. Cebu Pacific, you still have a chance to make it all up. Please don't blow it.


  1. Maybe the 5% means during the Christmas Season? :D

    I'm quite pleased with Cebu Pacific's performance though and consider it as my official carrier :D

  2. Hi,

    Your also in davao? Thankfully my flight to davao wasn't that delayed. But unlike you im an airphilippines flier.