Saturday, December 17, 2005

One Year Ago

Exactly one year ago today, I reported for work at IBM for the last time. I closed seven years, seven months, and seven weeks of service with the company. It was the office Christmas party that day and I was convinced to attend.

This is what I wrote about that day:
I spent [the day] writing goodbye letters to myfriends and colleagues at IBM. It took longer than I expected: there were so many people to thank, and similarly, just as many people to apologize to. I didn't quite manage to write notes to everyone that I wanted to. I'll certainly have to continue my letter-writing spree as soon as I've decompressed.

As the clock wore down, I declared a stop to all my writing activities. I backed up my files one last time. I turned in all my requirements and that was that.

Friday was also the day of the Christmas party. I initially did not plan on attending, but was convinced otherwise by my young friends from Team Blue. It was just as well, as I treated it as a despedida of sorts. People woud have wondered where I was.

There wasn't any apprehension in the decision. Despite the goodbye letters, there wasn't much sentimentality, either. To me, it was all matter-of-fact.

And now as I look back, there are no regrets, either. In all honesty, despite the day-to-day battles, I thought it was a good place to work. All in all, it was a fantastic learning experience.

So why leave? was just time to go.

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  1. I guess it just happens. When it's time to go, it's time to go...