Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The One About the Puto

The story below will not be understandable to anyone who doesn't read Filipino and doesn't know about the general idiosyncracies of Filipino pronunciation. More's the pity, because it's mildly amusing. I got this tale second-hand, so it might be an urban legend. Who knows?

So a fellow is applying for a loan at the Development Bank of the Philippines and the loans officer tells him:

"Okay na sana 'tong mga requirements niyo, pero may kulang pa kayong mga papeles. Bukas, magdala po kayo ng sedula, income tax return, nakumpletong porm, at huwag kalimutan ang puto."

The innocent soul wonders what it is about the puto but decides to comply. The following day, he comes back with the documents and the puto. The loan officer sees the puto and, thinking this is a bribe, exclaims:

"Ano iyan? Ba't kayo nagdala niyan?"

"Ha? Di ba sabi n'yo magdala ako ng puto?"

"Hinde! Hinde puto ang sinabi ko. Iyong puto! Iyong pektyur!"

All right, you can all groan now. This is not a suman post.

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  1. It is amusing...