Saturday, December 31, 2005

Life as a Village Idiot Savant

It's the last day of 2005 and I thought I'd write a brief wrap-up.

This year has been unlike any other year.

It's the year I quit the rat race, a move that I've found very little reason to regret.

It's the year when I went travelling. Oh, sure, I covered 19 countries when I was still working for IBM but then I was an accidental tourist. This year, I got lost in Laguna, Olongapo, Baguio, Banaue, Bontoc, Sagada, and Negros Oriental. Now, this was fun.

Important people passed away. There was Pope John Paul II and Father Paul Chi. Everyone knows Pope John Paul II so there's no need to explain. On the opposite end of the spectrum was Fr. Chi, parish priest of Mary Immaculate Parish for 40 years. I managed to interview him and write out his story before he died.

Ah, writing. I didn't quite find the success that I was looking for in my literary ventures. I didn't see a penny from the craft this year. Worse is that I'm not a little disappointed in the local mainstream. But that won't stop me from trying again next year.

On the other hand, I did hit my 50,000-word target for Nanowrimo and ended up with three-quarters of a novel. And my weekly column, Rational Technology, went on for an unbroken stretch this year.

There was the animation class which I really enjoyed. I don't quite know what I'm going to do with it, but it was fun. That's what mattered.

This year, I described myself as an entrepreneur, though now I will honestly say that it wasn't true. I was managing the family pharmacy, an existing venture, and even then I really didn't have my heart in it. Maybe it'll grow on me over time.

It doesn't matter, though. This year I was supposed to be a bum. It may have been bad for the pocketbook, but it gave me a free hand to take care of important family matters.

This year, I discovered the pleasures of biking. I can now bike 14 kilometers uphill with some ease. Not quite ready for a triathlon yet, but I'm taking my goals nice and easy.

And, of course, the blog. It's an awkward addiction of sorts. In a way, I feel like I'm living my life in a fishbowl. Sometimes I wonder if I don't look like a self-important prig.

Then again, this blog isn't meant for self-promotion. What's there to promote anyway? This blog was meant for friends, a special friend in particular, so that we remain in touch. I'm lousy at maintaining correspondence so a blog is a wonderful substitute.

If I make new friends along the way, then I say it's a wonderful bonus.

So to all of you who have been following my stories: thank you very much. I'm glad I merit your readership. Looking forward to having you on board for the coming year.

Here's to a good year ahead!

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