Monday, December 12, 2005

'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' at Ever

Ah, you gotta hand it to Dumaguete. We may not have the plush amenities of Greenbelt, Eastwood, or the newly rehabilitated Greenhills or Cubao, but we make do with what we have and we get it on the cheap.

Take for instance a movie. Tonight I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at Ever Theater. So how much do you think I paid?

Well, let's start with how much you paid.

How much did you pay? P100 at Greenbelt 1? P150 at Greenbelt 3? P200 at Greenhills? P300 at Gateway Mall in Cubao? Am I right? Am I right?

So guess how much I paid.

Thirty-one bucks. Yes, that's right. Thirty-frelling-one bucks. And that's only because I was too cheap to go for the balcony seats at forty-frelling-one bucks. Ha! Beat that, you slave of the Ayalas!

Sure, the seats were a little cramped, but the movie starts 20 minutes ahead of schedule. I mean, that has to be a plus. And I do get it in wonderful widescreen. Sound might not be so good but then again I'm a little deaf so it doesn't really make a difference whether it's Dolby Surround or Dolphy Surround.

And yes, I still enjoyed the same movie that you did.

I think it's such a bargain if it was actually a movie I didn't want to see. Then I could run out of the theater screaming and not think too much of the thirty-frelling-one bucks that I plunked down the drain.

Not that I wanted to run out of 'Goblet of Fire.' As movies go, it was pretty entertaining. A thousand and one reviews have already been written about it so I won't clutter cyberspace with yet another.

I only have three things to say:

1) The movie was better than the book. Much tighter, without the pretentious fluff that bloated the book to 734 pages. In fact, I liked it so much that I probably will just skip on the remaining books.

2) The best scene was the aftermath of the Christmas dance ball. It was a disposable scene but I'm glad they kept it. It perfectly captured the hormonally-charged crash that follows any pubescent party. You know, raging emotions coming out to the fore after all the giddy highs.

3) I paid thirty-frelling-one bucks for the movie. I know I said it before. But I like rubbing it in.



  1. thirty one pesos for a movie? i didn't know Ever was still open, last time I heard, only Ultra Vision was open and that they turned off the airconditioning halfway through the movie to save on energy costs! lol.

    that is cheap though. makes me wonder how many people in dumaguete can afford the luxury of spending that extravagant amount on a movie. i was never allowed to go watch movies (except for the required school fare) when i lived in dumaguete, so I wouldn't know.

  2. hehe.

    the last time i saw a movie at Ever- and this was at Ever, Commonwealth, mind you- i paid fiftysomething pesos. not even close to your frellings bucks and this was some two years ago.

    but the seats were cramped, and the movie, that cg about a train and a boy and santa, what wasitcalled? tom hanks was the voice of the conductor. anyway, like a pirated cd, the movie skipped. and i was forever turning my head to watch out for muggers. hay.

    saw it in the Podium. 160ish pesos, i think. they forgot to open the curtains. i'd to tell the staff. i guess you had it better. haha.

  3. i have fond memories about Ever! Once in a while the family would heigh off and watch a movie together. Popcorn, soft drinks and the works.

  4. Me? I paid 1200 pesos. Why?

    150 SM Baguio with my baguio friends
    150 Eastwood with my friends from college
    900 at Gateway to treat my family of 6.


  5. 31 pesos. that's really cheap. around 50 to 60 pesos in cebu and bohol - also way cheaper than the hundred peso cinemas here in manila. that's why i always make it a point to try alotting an extra half-day or whole-day when i fly away to a province for a movie marathon. (well i know i should have spent that day in a far-flung town to enjoy the local culture...)

  6. and let's not forget about the 2 movies f0r the price of 1.hehe.can't wait to spend more time back home!great peanuts in front of ever.

  7. I remember Ever Gotesco Commonwealth too! Lived around there for 4 years while at UPD. It was at least 50 pesos when i was there, and i loved watching American films there since there would only be at most 10 other people in the theater with you. lol.

    nothing beats 31 peso double features though. now, i have to spend at least $6 for a movie when i watch it monday to thursday, and at least $10 on other days. ugh.

  8. hhe. didn't know Ever could generate so much memories. all i saw was inky blackness. why didn't i see you guys. =)

    hay. king kong's on. and narnia. i wonder if Dom could still bear to see them at Ever....

    by the way, In Her Shoes (diaz, collette) is okay. i was mildly surprised. diaz still can't act but collette's just wonderful. good writing. and maclaine's this adorable garndma i'm sure every one of us will wish we had. hay.

  9. My wife and I paid 140 total when we watched at NCCC mall of Davao. If we watched a week earlier it would have been 120/each.

    30 bucks is pretty cheap... I thought nothing would go lower than the P50 bucks at SM Davao :D

  10. Oho! This is getting to be my most popular thread, so far. Thanks all for writing in.

    Still on the topic of cheap movies, there was one time, though, when I paid P30 for a movie in Greenbelt 1. But this was for the Spanish film festival.

    Come to think of it, I also once got into a movie at Shangri-La for free. This was for the French film festival.

  11. I miss watching movies in UP! Sometimes they were for free :D