Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nanowrimo Finish Line

There. I'm done. Total: 50,020 words today. Technically, I've reached the finish line.

Am I happy? You bet! When I set out to do this in November, I didn't quite know whether I would hit the goal. I had a good start on the first week, and I sort of tapered off in the second week, just as the NanoWriMo people predicted. At that point, I was starting to get discouraged: my outline was shot, and my writing was in a bad way. Then, I sort of just picked things up again and trudged on. And now, I'm actually a day earlier than my projected deadline. Hooray for me!

The last leg was a bit anticlimactic, though. When I hit 45,000 last Sunday, I knew I was sure to finish already. Well, 90% certain anyway. At close to 47,000, I sort of borked again. But I said to myself: tonight, finish it tonight.

But the fact is, the novel really isn't finished yet. I'm only three-quarters of the way in the story of Diego Amistad, a member of the Magellan expedition who got stranded in the Archipelago of San Lazaro after Magellan's death in Mactan and Humabon's treachery a few days later. The plot is more or less complete in my mind, but...I've decided to stop for now.

I've reached the original goal of exceeding 50,000 words. I'll celebrate in the meantime, and probably rewrite what I've done when I don't feel so bummed out anymore.

With sincerest apologies to Diego Amistad, I must leave him stranded in Samar, just before his fortuitous meeting with Panday Pira. In the same manner, I must leave Friar Geronimo in the islands a little longer before he can return to his beloved Mexico.

Some time in the future, gentlemen, I will complete your story in publish-worthy format so that I can share it with the world. For now, let me thank you, Fernando de Magallanes, Enrique de Malacca, Antonio Pigafetta, Humabon, Kulambu, Zulah, Lapu-Lapu, Duarte Barbosa, and the cast of thousands for the tale as it has been written so far. And thank you all for the exciting trip through history.

Other Filipino finishers as of this writing:

And as to the others, especially Mana Angel, Tina Mats, and Denise, keep on writing. You can do it!

And thanks, too, to Chris Baty for organizing this wonderful competition.


  1. congratulations, dominique! post mo novel mo! and keep going!

    (9 chapters to go pa ako. want to cry as so tired:()

  2. Hey Dominique, congratulations. You'll have to look into writing a novel someday without the constraints of a deadline. :)

    And... "Borked"? :)

  3. Aw, thanks, both. I don't quite think it's ready for posting, but I will write an essay on the experience soon.

    Inez: waaah! That's simply outstanding! Have you got the translation you were looking for.

    Sean: "bork" sounded right without my thinking about it. A quick check on the Net showed that it is a verb taken from Robert Bork's name (as in to be bypassed or rejected). So without my meaning to, the context was correct.

  4. kind of got it, dominique. i did some of the translating myself when BabelFish was cranking out the same word for some of the Italian words I put in. Pero all good...all good...and all fun...all fun:) post mo novel mo! I'm posting mine now, but you must promise not to laugh when you read it. Very rough draft it is, as in as in.

    Sean, try nanowrimo next year:)