Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nanowrimo Day 6

Word count today is 16,397. I've slowed down to 2,500 words per day. Even then, I'm not too unhappy with that. I'll sprint when I can but I won't force myself anymore, just so long as I can hit the 50,000 mark before November 30.

Today has been a very strange and eventful day. First, I woke up at 6:00am, still feeling very groggy. I found myself wondering whether this was a Sunday or a Monday. I concluded that it was a Monday and snoozed a bit more. Only when I woke again at 7:00am did I realize that it was actually a Sunday! (Reason being: I usually have to start off early on Sunday because I have to go to Mass and man the store the whole day).

Things were taking their normal course for a Sunday and then it happened. Around 11am, someone reported a fire near Lee Plaza. I asked one of the girls to check it out, and it turned out it was in the same block. Thankfully, the store management did not panic. Instead, they told the guards not to let anyone in anymore, and just to let the shoppers finish with their purchases and leave. Slowly, though, the cashiers were tallying up and packing the cash.

My first thought was to move the car to someplace safer, lest it get bumped by the fire truck. It was a good decision, it turned out, because soon, fire trucks were all over the place. I did not think the fire would hit us, owing to the huge firewall of the Lee Plaza building. Nonetheless, I told the girls to pack up the most valuable of what we could in three boxes and leave with that. And with that, we left the store.

Just in the nick of time, too, as the Lee Plaza management decided to close down the store for the day.

Really, the oddest thing to come to mind during this whole incident was: "How wonderful! Now I can go home and sleep on a Sunday afternoon."

I think I should be looking for alternative occupations for next year.

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