Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nanowrimo Day 19

I was really hoping to break 40,000 today, but that didn't happen. Too many distractions, I guess, and not enough focus on the task at hand. Still, I did manage another 2,000 words so that brings my count up to 38,089. Maybe tomorrow, I will break the 40-K barrier, and then some.

Sandurot parade today so the streets were packed. I was heading to the store at 3:45PM and I found that the main roads were either closed, or mobbed with rubberneckers, or both. So I spent a long time dodging the crowds and the parades, looking for a route to Lee Plaza. Took me long enough.

Gah! Parades.

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  1. Parades? Another one! But then, I used to like going to those things.