Friday, November 18, 2005

Nanowrimo Day 17

Word count today: 34,233. It's past midnight as I write this, the reason being that we had the Thursday Night Club get-together at the Pals.

I'm surprised I managed to get in my 2,000 words today. The day was packed -- I had a meeting with Mr. Kim of the Mechanical Engineering department in the morning, and animation classes for the whole of the afternoon -- but I managed to squeeze in 700 words after dinner. I guess I'm coming to the exciting parts and the story is just getting easier to write. I hope I keep this streak up.

Inez Ponce de Leon, veteran Wrimo, is already past 120,000 words. Grrrr! She's making the rest of us look bad. But then again, she does show the extent of what's possible.

Maybe next year, if I decide to go through this madness all over again, I'll be an early finisher. This year, I'll be just happy to finish.