Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nanowrimo Day 15

My word count as of yesterday is 28,218. The novel is coming along, though not as well as would have liked in terms of speed and quality. But I think I should hit the 50,000 mark well before the deadline.

I had hoped to do 3,000 words per day, but what with my new commitments in this past month, that just wasn't possible. If I sprint a little over the coming days, I think I can cruise along at 1,000 words per day in the remaining two weeks.

As it is, I doubt if this novel will ever get published. The exercise has not been totally wasted, though. It's given me some insight into the historical events surrounding Magellan's arrival into the country. Some things are plausible, I've learned, and some things are not. As students, we just take too many things for granted.

More of that in the future. In the meantime, more words to write.